Cloud Deployment

With CLOUDPILOTS, customers get one of the most experienced Google partners in German-speaking countries. Hundreds of migrations for international companies speak for themselves.
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CLOUDPILOTS supports the transition to the Cloud

In the past 10 years as a Google Cloud Partner, CLOUDPILOTS has had the privilege of leading hundreds of companies into the Cloud. From SMBs to multinational corporations, CLOUDPILOTS has served businesses of every size. To learn more about our service, interested parties are welcome to schedule an appointment with a CLOUDPILOTS representative.

Migration & Integration

CLOUDPILOTS leads customers into the Coud and integrates not only new technologies, but also new ways of working into possibly dusty company structures. In doing so, we rely on reliable hardware, as well as meet hardware and Chromebooks. However, our focus is particularly on software in the Cloud that helps companies digitize. 

The software we offer as a solution includes products from MeisterAnthosApigeeKubernetesLookerVMware Engine or the products from Freshworks.

Our Service


CLOUDPILOTS brings already existing applications into the Cloud. Not everything has to be transferred to the Cloud. Although the Google Cloud is secure, we understand that some companies prefer to keep sensitive customer data on their own servers. For this, we can offer a hybrid environment or a multi-Cloud solution.


As a certified Google Cloud Partner, CLOUDPILOTS is the right choice when it comes to professional support in the Cloud. We help manage complex Google Apps environments in the Cloud. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts today to get started.


Integration with telephone systems and Hosted PBX. Today, there is enough hardware that relies on Cloud technology. Our Chrome hardware partner has the best deals on meet hardware, the best Chromebox and cheap Chromebooks. We are happy to advise you on the right choice.

Third-party applications

The integration of directory services, enterprise and third-party applications. The path to the Cloud is often extensive. With us you keep the overview. Whether you need a CRM tool, want to analyze your data better or need existing software in the Cloud, CLOUDPILOTS is there to help.

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