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Google Workspace offers an enhanced office suite that promotes collaborative teamwork. Try it free of charge for 30 days only with CLOUDPILOTS!
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Google Workspace FAQs
Google Workspace is not always self-explanatory. CLOUDPILOTS helps with consulting and migration to the Cloud!
Google Workspace FAQs

The digital workplace rethought

May we present: G Suite becomes Google Workspace!
The new design, compact features and tailored plans make working in the Cloud a breeze. Read here how Google Workspace makes the digital workplace in the Cloud a reality for newcomers and professionals.

Work better as a team

With Google Workspace, collaboration is alive and well. Whether editing in real time without losing data, communicating easily or being able to coordinate in real time: With Workspace you live the workplace of the future.

True collaboration

No matter where, no matter when and no matter with whom - documents, spreadsheets and presentations are always available and editable for you and your colleagues with Google Workspace - One look in Google Drive and everything is at hand.

Protecting data and devices

Data security is the top priority for businesses of all sizes. However, this desire for security goes far beyond data transfer. In Google Workspace, your data is safe in transfer, storage, and archive.

CLOUDPILOTS offers customers the opportunity to try Google Workspace for a full 30 days free of charge - instead of the usual 14 days.

Email, chat and video in one place

Easy communication

Diverse applications in Google Workspace, such as Google Meet, Chat or Gmail, provide the perfect platforms to master important communication.

Both internal and external communication should be simple and granular. While Gmail and Google Chat let you establish textual connections, Google Meet lets you hold professional and secure video conferences.

Collaboration in Google Workspace

Real-time collaboration

Google Workspace enables small teams to make big things happen: colleagues and employees are free to choose where they work from. Documents, spreadsheets and presentations are edited online and offline. 

Work together on a project: You work simultaneously on the same document. You can discuss tasks in real time via the integrated chat function, and open questions can be clarified right away using the comment function.

Together with CLOUDPILOTS

When do you board a plane with peace of mind? We are CLOUDPILOTS and we are responsible for your well-being in the Cloud. Our mission is to put customers on the digital fast track. To do this, we use the latest technologies and couple them with the best possible service - so you can sit back and relax while we fly to your destination together!

Store everything in the Cloud with Google Workspace

Cloud storage

Google Drive is the central Cloud storage for all your company's files. Via laptop, tablet or smartphone, your employees simply access the data they need at the moment. Permissions control which colleagues can see, download and edit which files - or not.

All changes to files are automatically saved in Drive. This way, you always have access to the latest version.

Your documents remain safe

Enhanced security

Protect sensitive company data with security options like two-step confirmation, single sign-on (SSO), and mobile device management. You have the ability to decide how long email messages and recorded chats are archived, and more. Google has come up with a lot to make Workspace secure.

Security settings can be easily configured from a central management console. If you need help, Google support is available around the clock.

The design of Google Workspace

The new logos appear in a completely new light! As a result, the differentiation from competing products is more instinctive.

The new Google Workspace lets the individual applications flow into each other, creating a newly integrated platform for enterprise users.

Codeless Programming

AppSheet is also part of Google Workspace. In the highest version of Workspace, you can create applications without having to write any code. From now on, all you need is a good idea to build applications that transform the modern workplace.

Over 2.5 million applications have already been created using AppSheet. Here you can find a few examples!

Google Workspace FAQ'sThe most frequently asked questions answered hereFAQ's
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